Best Pizza in Boston

Pepperoni pizza

Are You Looking For The Best Pizza in Boston?

Pepperoni pizza Want to know who has the best pizza in Boston? We do! We are not just saying this without anything to back it up. Over the years, we have been rated best pizza by a number of local review sites and solo pizza aficionados. There are so many that have raved about our pizza. Here is a video from Barstool Sports when they came into Tonys Place and did a video review: But we don’t rest on our reputation. To stay the best you need to continue to source and use the freshest, highest quality ingredients, which we do religiously. We pay attention to all the details we need to such as oven temperature, cook time, how we make and roll out the crust, the sauce we use and many more secrets of the trade The main ingredient that was handed down from generation to generation is love. We put a lot of love into all our food. We love making good food for people and it shows. We greet customers with a smile and thank everyone for spending time with us and coming back to Tony’s Place for more. That’s how we got to be the best pizza in Boston! But don’t take our word for it- come in for a slice or a whole pizza pie, and see for yourself what makes Tony’s Place of West Roxbury the best pizza place in Boston. Call us to order today at 617-323-3550. cheese pizza new   You can also order online here Check out Tonys Place menu