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Are You Looking For The Best Pizza in Boston?


Want to know why we have the best pizza in Boston?

First, people tell us we are!

Second, over the years, we have been rated best by a number of local review sites too many to mention.

Third, to be the best you need to use the freshest, highest quality ingredients, which we do religiously.

Fourth, we pay attention to all the details we need to such as over temperature, cook time, how we make and roll the crust, the sauce we use and many more secrets of the trade

Fifth, we put love into all our food. We love what we do and it shows. We greet customers with a smile and thank everyone for spending time with us and coming back for more.

Thats how we got to be the best pizza in Boston!

But don’t take our word for it-come in for a slice or a pie, and see for yourself what makes Tony’s Place of West Roxbury the best pizza place in Boston.

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8 Tips for Choosing a Restaurant for Your Holiday Party

We’re One of The Best Restaurants for Party in Boston with Parking Lots!

Tony's Place Party

The holidays are a great time to get together with co-workers, away from the office, to decompress, eat, drink, and have fun. It is a wonderful time of year to celebrate your company’s progress in meeting goals, acknowledge employee loyalty, and reinforce company values.

Tony’s Place has many years of experience in helping people enjoy the holidays with our gourmet Italian food and stellar service. Based on our experience with many businesses over the years we have pulled together 8 tips for choosing a restaurant for your holiday party.

We suggest that before you choose a restaurant for a holiday party that you pull together a party planning committee or group to ensure that you have considered all of the following:

(1) Make sure that the restaurant has a private function room and has dedicated staff for your party

(2) Find out if the restaurant has some package deals on food for group functions. Tony’s Place and many other restaurants can create a special menu that will include a wide selection of food items such as appetizers, entrees, beverage, dessert, and sometimes tax and tip. Decide on what you will provide for party attendees

(3) Ensure that the restaurant has a good selection of meat and non-meat dishes, and offer these in your food choices so that everyone can enjoy a meal. Find out if the restaurant is able to customize meals for those with special diets

(4) Decide if you are inviting spouses, and/or guests to the party, and get a count of your group in advance to give it to the restaurant. Typically, the more people you have joining you the lower the cost per person

(5) Decide if alcohol will be available, and then discuss the options and costs of each option with the restaurant. Find out if the restaurant allows you to bring your own alcohol to the restaurant, and if there are any associated charges

(6) Decide if you will provide any entertainment as this will need to be considered in the choosing of the space and budget of the event

(7) Location is important. Find out if the facility is accessible to those with disabilities, and if they have ample parking and restrooms

(8) Make reservations for your party as far in advance as you can, and broadcast the date to staff as soon as possible. It helps to add a couple people to your count as it is easier to take away chairs than to add them if it is a busy day.

By doing a little pre-planning and considering all of these above factors you can insure that your holiday party gets the maximum attendance and is enjoyed by all.

Book your holiday party at Tony’s Place now by calling us at (617) 323-3550 or contact us by email.


We’re known as one of the best restaurants for party in Boston with parking lots!